Private Charitable Trusts

A Private Charitable Trust allows you complete discretion over which charity or charitable cause you wish to benefit to take effect while you are living.

State Trustees are experts in creating and managing Private Charitable Trusts for Victorians wanting to contribute to a particular cause or organisation.

We often set them up for donors who have a specific purpose in mind for the funds, such as scholarships. The Trust can be named after a family or organisation or in memory of a donor.

We create Charitable Trusts through a Trust Deed or through your Will. Funds are invested in Trust in perpetuity, with the income earned then distributed as a grant. Donations to Private Charitable trusts are, however, not tax deductible.

Information for Professional Advisors

Discussing giving to charity with your clients

As a finance professional you understand that charitable giving can feature quite prominently in a client’s estate planning and overall approach to their finances. Giving can be an expression of their values and a way to leave a mark or memorialise a loved one. State Trustees can assist you and your clients by:

  • Helping them give to causes they are passionate about
  • Creating a perpetual donation that acknowledges a family or organisation
  • Providing a specialist service to any clients who have complex philanthropic intentions.

For more information please contact us or call on 03 9667 6444 (outside Melbourne 1300 138 672).

State Trustees’ Private Charitable Trusts: