What is a Charitable Trust?

Charitable Trusts offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to donate to charities on an ongoing basis. If you are passionate about a cause, you can leave a lasting legacy in your Will or establish a charitable trust, so you can enjoy seeing the good that comes from your donation.

What types of charitable trusts can State Trustees help me with?

You can choose to establish a management account within the State Trustees Australia Foundation, or you can set up a Private Charitable Trust.

I already give to charities, why should I set up a Charitable Trust?

A Charitable Trust gives you the opportunity to endow your chosen cause or charity with a lasting gift, which has the opportunity to grow well into the future.

Unlike giving directly to a cause, a charitable trust gives you a measure of control over where your money goes. A charitable trust can help you:

  • Create an ongoing memorial to a person or family
  • Make regular tax deductible donations
  • Ensure your initial donation continues to keep on giving, as the interest it earns is distributed to the charity year after year.

How do I decide who to distribute the income to?

We can help you identify the best way to donate to a specific charitable organisation or for a charitable purposes you wish to support.

How can State Trustees help?

State Trustees has been helping Victorians establish and manage trusts for decades. We are owned by the State of Victoria as the sole shareholder. We also make donating easier for you by:

  • Preparing your Will and including provision for a bequest to establish a Charitable Trust
  • Preparing and executing a Trust deed when needed
  • Professionally managing funds to optimise returns for your chosen cause or charitable organisation
  • Undertaking grant research and assessing grant applications
  • Organising the annual distributions of the trust

What are the fees and charges?

State Trustees charges fees to establish and administer charitable trusts. For more information please see our Guide to Commissions, Fees and Charges.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about our charitable trust services, and how we can help to establish and manage the charitable trust, please call us on 03 9667 6782 to discuss further.