How we can help

State Trustees can help you establish a trust to help ensure your loved ones’ future is secure.

Establishing a trust

We can assist you to help provide for those you love.

  • We can help you choose the right type of trust to meet your objectives.
  • If you wish State Trustees to act as your trustee, we can help with the preparation of trust deeds to ensure all the terms under which you would like your trust to operate are included.
  • We can provide advice about the best way to include a trust in the terms of your will and prepare your will based on your instructions.

State Trustees can act as trustee

As a trustee, we act in the best interests of those you love and can establish a trust for the benefit of your beneficiaries.

The responsibility of a trustee is ongoing, complex and involves many obligations. State Trustees can act as professional trustee, fulfilling all the duties and responsibilities required by the role.

  • State Trustees will act in the best interest of your trust’s beneficiaries at all times and within the rules and discretions provided for in the trust authority (the will, trust deed or Court Order).
  • We can assist beneficiaries in a wide range of ways. Just a few examples of this are through the provision of regular payments from the trust or assistance with meeting bills or living expenses, educational or medical costs, making sure a trust property is protected and insured, collection of income from trust investments such as interest, dividends or rent. Where the trust authority and assets allow we can help beneficiaries with purchases of a car or a property. There are many ways a trustee can assist a beneficiary depending on their needs.
  • With the support of our in-house tax, legal and finance experts, we can fulfil all the duties and responsibilities required of your trustee.

Benefiting a charity

You may wish to provide for a charity as part of your estate plan. The State Trustees Australia Foundation offers an easy way of making a philanthropic donation through an established structure.