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State Trustees runs a number of granting programs.  Visit our grant page to see a list of current and upcoming grant rounds.

Our current funding areas include:

  • Ageing
  • Disability
  • Mental health
  • Elder abuse
  • Dementia research
  • Disadvantaged children

State Trustees Australia Foundation was established in 1994 as a public charitable trust administered by State Trustees.  Since 2013, our main discretionary funding helps those disadvantaged by ageing, disability and mental health.  This is now done through STAF’s two main funding programs: Grassroots Grants and Strategic Grants.  In 2016, we are trialling a new Elder abuse prevention and response grants program.

The Grassroots Grants program provides small $10,000 grants to eligible charities for short projects.  The program aims to promote social inclusion, and provide support for individuals to live independently and build and maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and resilience, as well as reduce the incidence of adverse health issues that can limit their ability to live well.

The Strategic Grants is used mainly to support the work of the Ageing, Disability and Mental Health Collaborative Panel.  The Panel builds the capacity of the ageing, disability and mental health sectors, particularly during the recent legislative reforms.

The Foundation also funds grants in the areas of Medical Research, aimed at improving the lives of those affected by dementia.  Another area of funding is Disadvantaged Children, with funds currently being used for Beyond the Bell.  This project uses a collective impact approach to systemic changes to the educational attainment rates of young people in the Great South Coast Region.

See the project we’ve funded through our news page.

The Charitable team welcome inquiries about our funding priorities.