How we can work together

Looking out for your financial interests and security.

Are the bills starting to pile up? Are you struggling to pay accounts? Are you concerned about the security of your assets?

As your financial administrator it is State Trustees’ job to look out for your financial security.

In the past we found that a large percentage of our new clients were not receiving the correct rate of pension or other entitlements.

You may have an entitlement to a foreign pension that has always been too difficult to apply for. Are there additional payments from Centrelink that you could claim if you were aware of them? You may have lost track of superannuation from previous employment, or you may have been left an inheritance and not know how to claim what is rightfully yours.

As your administrator we will review your current income and work on your behalf to secure any additional income that you are entitled to receive.

State Trustees has a team of professionals with vast experience in dealing with Centrelink, Department of Veterans Affairs and worldwide pension agencies. We receive mail from these organisations and complete any necessary paperwork on your behalf.

If you have superannuation and you stopped work due to illness or injury, you may have a valid insurance claim for compensation. Many superannuation policies have an insurance component for financial protection against disablement or illness. As your administrator we will act to claim what is rightfully yours. We currently have $2.2 million worth of claims pending for our clients.

In addition to satisfying ourselves that you are receiving the correct income, we also review other areas such as debts, payment of regular accounts and asset protection.

Where possible and appropriate we will sit down with you to review your regular household bills and with your input develop a budget to help ensure these accounts can be met. We receive and pay regular accounts for you so there is no more confusion as to whether the electricity bill has been paid or not. No more surprises when bills arrive and there is not enough money in the bank – these bills will be anticipated and budgeted for.

Some of our new clients come to State Trustees with extensive debts. It is our role to determine how to manage these debts. We may deal with creditors by negotiating debt waivers or repayment plans thus relieving the stress of dealing with the relentless collection agencies.

Further to this, State Trustees can assist with legal matters. If you have been injured in a car accident we will assist with TAC compensation claims. If you were injured in the workplace, we can assist with the Workcover claim. State Trustees also has a history of success in recovering stolen assets for our clients.