How we can help your client or loved one

“It stops family fights, it allows people to have their finances looked after without having the worry of it being taken by family members or spent incorrectly. For someone who can’t read or write, it gives them peace of mind that things are explained and someone is out there to care for them” – Rose 

State Trustees is responsible for almost 9000 clients in a range of different circumstances managing their legal and financial affairs. These clients may live independently, be moving to an Aged Care facility or may have been in an Aged Care Facility for some time.

Many of our clients receive support from case managers or have family assistance with their day-to-day tasks.

If your family member or client’s financial affairs are managed by State Trustees you may ask how State Trustees can help and what assistance you can receive as case manager or carer of your client or family member.

The answer is simple – by working together, State Trustees can assist in managing all financial matters helping provide financial security and stability and helping to ensure the correct income is received, accounts are paid and a fortnightly budget and savings plan is maintained. With State Trustees as your client or loved one’s financial administrator you can focus on your client or loved one’s mental health, wellbeing and other areas that require support.

One of the following circumstances may be applicable to your client or loved one.

Independent living

It can be difficult to ensure there are funds available to pay rent and household bills when your client or loved one spends their pension in the first week. This can create an ongoing cycle of debt and your client or loved one can become at risk of homelessness.

State Trustees can assist by helping ensure essential expenses such as rent and household accounts are paid therefore providing some security and stability in your clients’ life.

With a fortnightly budget in place, many of our clients are able to afford their accommodation expenses and can receive payments for groceries and travel expenses. Often a savings plan can be put in place for those additional purchases such as clothing or a new television. Our Pension Team can ensure the correct entitlements for rent assistance is received.

Moving to an Aged Care Facility

In many cases someone moving into an Aged Care Facility has a bond to pay, a house to sell and personal items that are no longer required. State Trustees in conjunction with our Aged Care Team will complete the financial assessment documents and where possible negotiate a bond payment amount. Our Property Team will assist in cleaning the property, removing the contents in consultation with any known family members, and the sale of the property.

Aged Care Facility

Families provide a wonderful support base for elderly family members in Aged Care Facilities, however we understand how busy their lives can be. When appointed as a loved one’s administrator State Trustees will assist by managing the payments of nursing home fees, pharmacy accounts and other expenses which enables family members to focus on maintaining their relationship with their loved one rather than worrying about whether their loved one’s bills have been paid.