Help with VCAT application

When applying to VCAT for an administrator, you can request that State Trustees act as your preferred administrator.

To apply to VCAT for an administrator the following forms are required:

When the application has been completed and all relevant documents obtained, all forms should be forwarded to VCAT.

Once the application has been received, VCAT will arrange a hearing and notify all relevant parties of the hearing date and venue.

Tips to assist you in the application process:

  • any person can make an application to VCAT
  • the person you are applying on behalf of must be over the age of 18
  • if the application is urgent state the reasons for the urgent application in the covering note
  • you can nominate State Trustees as your preferred administrator on the application form
  • where possible ensure you and all relevant parties attend the tribunal hearing

For further information or assistance regarding the VCAT application process, please contact us.