inveST Funds

The information provided below is for the benefit of parties for whom State Trustees acts in the capacity of attorney or another fiduciary office. If you require further information, please contact us.

The inveST Funds factsheets:

Unit Price information

Issue Date 28/09/2017

Fund Name
inveST Australian Equity Fund (PDF – 66KB)
inveST Balanced Fund (PDF – 65KB)
inveST Diversified Income Fund (PDF – 65KB)
inveST International Equity Fund (PDF – 65KB)
inveST Property Fund (PDF – 137KB)


Net Asset Value (NAV) Price = the Fund’s net asset value divided by the number of units on issue in the Fund at the time of valuation.

  • Entry Price = net asset value per unit plus the buy spread
  • Exit Price = net asset value per unit minus the sell spread

On any day, the Exit Price will be lower than the Entry Price. This reflects transaction costs that will be involved with buying and selling the underlying asset.


The issuer of these funds is State Trustees Limited ABN 68 064 593 148, AFS Licence number 238037.

Past performance of any product described on this site is not a reliable indication of future performance.

Buy/Sell spread information

The Buy/Sell spread for each of the inveST Funds as at 01 February 2019 is listed in the table below:

Fund Buy Spread Sell Spread Total Spread
inveST Diversified Income Fund +0.06% -0.06% 0.12%
inveST Property Fund +0.11% -0.10% 0.21%
inveST Australian Equity Fund +0.22% -0.22% 0.44%
inveST International Equity Fund +0.17% -0.12% 0.29%
inveST Balanced Fund +0.14% -0.13% 0.27%