Learning & Development

State Trustees is committed to the professional development of its employees.

We understand that our people’s success is our success, and that every employee should be provided with the knowledge, skills and tools to perform their roles.By developing our people, we’re able to face the challenges of both today and the future.


One of the key levers for State Trustees’ overall success is its ability to foster a constructive work culture. While creating such a culture is ultimately the responsibility of every employee, State Trustees ensures that employees are provided with the appropriate tools and training to transform the organisation.

Throughout our culture programs, the key messages for all employees include:

  • Serving our customers is the most important job that we do, and our success depends on our clients trusting us for the work that we do.
  • To achieve the goal of world’s best trustee, we need to constantly examine how we can do things better. That means our success is predicated on being innovative, constructive and inclusive.
  • Before we can expect our business partners or clients to advocate for us, we must take pride in our work–both at an individual level, and the organisation more broadly.

Employee Learning

Our employee learning model takes a holistic view of what knowledge is required for an employee to maintain competency within their role and how that knowledge is best learned, retained and documented.

The key principles of our learning programs are:

  • Training outcomes must be translated into updates to employee competency, as measured by competency profiles.
  • Training delivery must balance efficiency and effectiveness. For example, facilitated group learning is encouraged, which is consistent with adult learning principles, but e-learning will be offered when appropriate for the subject material or learning outcomes.
  • The majority of training delivery will be centrally co-ordinated to ensure that best value is delivered to the company through the resources deployed for this purpose.

Leadership Development

Effective, authentic and constructive leadership is pivotal to State Trustees’ success and achievement of its vision, and forms the basis of State Trustees’ leadership development program. The program offers a variety of internally and externally facilitated programs to ensure established, new and emerging leaders are each provided with the tools required to excel in their chosen careers.

The leadership development program includes both:

  • Group development, allowing leaders from across all teams and management tiers to come together to share common experiences and learn from each other; and
  • Individual development, allowing leaders to be assessed and streamed into development opportunities that fit with their needs and capabilities.

Education Assistance Program

We also recognise the value that a formal qualification brings to both the organisation and the individual. We actively support and encourage our people to gain formal qualifications through our Education Assistance Scheme.

The scheme provides support through:

  • The reimbursement of specified education expenses following successful semester/ course completion
  • Paid study and/or examination leave.